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usePAT GmbH
Schoenbrunnerstrasse 231
Vienna, 1120 AUSTRIA
phone: +43-67-0606-6582

usePAT GmbH is active in the field of ultrasonic technology for sensors and probes in liquids and builds add-ons for in-line probes. These improve measurements in liquids directly in industrial processes. Accurate data is provided for an optimized process control and to improve in-line and real-time measurements regarding sensitivity and stability. The ultrasonic devices, soniccatch & sonicwipe support in-line as well as real-time measurements. Particles are aggregated for increased measurement signals or dragged away for keeping probe windows clean.

By eliminating the need for sampling or manually cleaning, the safety of employees is increased, as well as productivity and quality assurance.

usePAT soniccatch & sonicwipe

usePAT sonicclean O2 pH NIR.pdf

usePAT sonicwipe.pdf