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The registration fees for the Acoustofluidics 2019 Conference are as follows:

On or Before


Pre-registration will close on August 15, 2017. After August 15, 2017, all prospective attendees will register on-site at the standard rate. Please bring this registration form with payment to on-site registration.

Registration payment, in Euros (EUR) only, is due within 10 days of receipt of your registration. Registration is not valid or complete until payment is received unless other arrangements are made. The registration fee includes program material, (1) Book of Abstracts, reception, banquet, lunch, refreshment/coffee breaks, and a 20% non-refundable cancellation fee. A €50 fee will be charged for all substitutions. All requests for refunds must be received in writing no later than 15 August 2019. No refunds will be made after this date.

Additional Guest Ticket

For Guests of Attendees and for Dailly Registrants (full registration fee includes entrance to both reception and banquet).
If you wish to add a guest ticket to an existing registration, please visit this link.

Registration Receipt

Your registration receipt will be emailed as an attachment to the email confirming your registration once your payment has been processed.

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