Program » Olympic Games

This year the conference is inviting all delegates to bring a tabletop acoustofluidic system to demonstrate.
Deadline to book a table: Saturday, 1 June 2024.

Demonstrations will be set up and delivered like the posters, in a flea market style. You will also get the opportunity to win a medal in the Acoustofluidic Olympic Games. In the Olympics, we expect to measure and record acoustofluidic feats such as: Fastest moving and highest jumping particle or droplet or lifting the heaviest particle or droplet, the tightest grip, greatest precision placement, highest flow rate etc. You can create a category appropriate for your system. There will also be a prize for the best demonstration, as voted by attendees.

You could bring:
  • The system you are currently working on.
  • A system which could make a good teaching aid.
  • A peculiar acoustic phenomenon.
  • An overlooked acoustofluidic phenomena seen in everyday life e.g. vortex rings, Chladni figures, the sound of cavitation from splashing water, standing waves formed when you hold your finger under a slow running tap etc.
If you are able to bring a demonstration please complete the table reservation form (pdf).

The reservation form should be sent to with a Deadline of Saturday, 1 June 2024.

Please feel free to send any questions regarding the event to Jeremy Hawkes at

Some rules:
  • You will need to complete a risk assessment and your equipment will be PAT tested on arrival (if not already valid).
  • Commercial systems are welcome in paid for booth spaces, this is available separately (please contact However companies are welcome to give demonstrations and enter the Olympics. We encourage companies to demonstrate curious novelties rather than their core product during this event.
  • We will provide a power socket and access to water.
  • It is free to enter a demo (and there is potential to book local student demonstrators for help if required).

Martin Wiklund, Susan Peacock, Sagar Agnihotri, Björn Hammarström, Jeremy Hawkes